Liam’s Word List

1. No
2. Uh-oh
3. Me
4. Daddy
5. Mommy
6. Go
7. Geh go for wilco

I think that is it for the words he uses often.

He can point to his head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, belly button, and feet with about 90% accuracy. I think he knows them all 100%, but he gets distracted when we get to the belly button part.

Children’s Museum

You go girl!

Helena loved the horses. But Dad needed a little help.

Liam discovering with water

Liam discovering girls

Making light of the situation or future First Avenue soundboard woman

Making dad a plastic dinner

Not quite ready for Metro Transit

Playing with the band

The museum let the kids have their own parade. Here is Helena dressed up

And this is how happy she was to be part of it…much moreso than the other kids, apparently.

Don’t jump!

Finally, Dalen doesn’t get the whole “let the kids discover on their own” theme of the museum. A very dangerous slide, as you can see.


Last weekend we headed up to the Rumppe’s cabin in Outing, MN for a couple of nights. The kids had a great time playing on the docks and throwing rocks into the lake. They also liked the train set that was set up inside.

The bad part of the trip was that Helena was Chubbyless for the first time. She didn’t do so well the first night, but the second night she was a bit better.

A Day at the Adirondack Animal Land

Got my shades on for Adirondack Animal Land.

Liam feeding some animals

Have these animals had anything to eat at all?

It’s a small world, after all.

Riding the horses

Getting ready to race down the slides.

Helena takes off before the whistle….

….apparently, much to Libby’s amazement…

And the winner is…..

Dalen gives Libby and Liam a sympathy cheer

Liam becoming a little more at ease with the wild things.

Bill feeds the animals as well.

Bill has called it a day

My, how my little girl has grown.

Liam Getting Himself into Trouble

So Liam likes to carry around a children’s chair to reach things that he shouldn’t. Sometimes he decides that he would like to play with the buttons and knobs on the stereo. Usually, this isn’t a problem. For one, most times it isn’t on. But sometimes we have to turn it back on when he turns it off, or switches from radio to CD or something similar.

But this time, when the radio was going, he decided to turn a knob….the volume knob. Luckily he only turned it halfway up, but it is a pretty loud stereo, so we all got quite a jolt….especially the guy who was the culprit:

So he comes over to me, and I tried to get a good shot of his face, but he was a bit too close to get it focused. Besides, I had to pick the kid up and go over and turn the stereo down. He hasn’t touched it since, though!

Bike Riding

Somebody is really proud of herself.
She’s been working at it off and on all summer, but the pedals are bit difficult to turn since the bike is so small. Now she’ll have to work on going uphill (OK, it is about a 2 degree climb from the garage back to the porch, but it is still a bit more difficult)