Helena’s First Complete Phone Conversation

Dalen called the house during Helena’s and my walk to see if we wanted to meet her in Edina for lunch. She had to spend the day at school setting up her room. Helena dialed the phone today (with me reading off the phone number) to call Dalen back.

Dalen answered the phone with a “Hello?” and Helena, a little nervous, mumbled something unintelligible. I couldn’t understand what she said, and I was right next to her. As comfortable as she is around other kids (she frequently asks kids that she doesn’t know “Do you want to be my friend?”), she is terrible around adults and on the phone.

Luckily, Dalen figured out it was Helena, so she said “Helena!”. After that, Helena was fine, telling mom what she did today with Dad and Liam (lily pads, flowers, ducks, echos under a bridge, climbing on the big letters at the Walker Library).

I asked Helena to find out where Dalen wanted to go out for lunch, and Helena took care of the rest. She even figured out what door to pick up Dalen at. Good job, Punky…I may never have to talk on the phone again.