Christmas Picture

It took Liam a bit to smile because he is quite sick, but he finally did force one. I told Helena that Santa would ask her what she wanted for Christmas, and that she might want to think of a toy that she would like to have. When Santa asked, she couldn’t think of anything. Life is wonderful with the kids right now. I dread when she will actually ask for something specific.

P.S. Santa wasn’t drunk.

Dear Dad:

Helena will be 4. Liam will be 2.

If you are buying clothes, it is really easy. Helena takes 4T and Liam wears 2T. They are not restaurant reviews (2 out of 5 turtles), so getting a “5T” does not mean that it is of great quality, it means it is for five year olds.

If you are buying toys, they have age appropiateness on them. If the label says “Great for ages 10+”, that means for kids TEN OR OLDER. If it says something such as “Ages 3-5”, that might be good for Helena, but not for Liam (you see, the age of “2” is not between 3 and 5, inclusive). Don’t buy him a glove or a rocket kit just yet.


P.S. Helena does NOT need a raincoat.