Have a Beer on Me and other news

The Williamsport, PA Bullfrog Brewery has a Billtowne Blonde beer, described as:

One of those staples is the Billtowne Blonde, described on the brewery Web site as an American-style all-malt lager that’s light in body and color and has a low hop bitterness.

There used to be a band called Billtowne out of Colorado somewhere, but the website is nowhere to be found.

My camera is still stuck in New York. Nikon might make good cameras, but their service sucks. So I won’t have pictures up for awhile.

Dalen and I went out on a date together for the first time since last March.

Liam is talking up a storm now. He’ll talk whenever Helena isn’t. That makes it 15% of the time.

Liam’s Birthday

The images were taken with Helena’s camera, since ours is still in New York at the Nikon shop. So they aren’t as nice as they usually are.

Here is Liam with his birthday cake. I must have put some glass in the frosting (pink frosting per Liam’s request) because the flash reflected off it so badly.

Liam, done with his cake, with his “blowout” (I think that is what they are called – I had to look it up):

Helena will not be outdone by her little brother (or anyone else):

Art teacher on drugs:

A truck!!!

Another truck. This one will be the highlight of the evening for Liam:

Here he is with his new truck. An auto carrier:

Helena got a new toy from her Aunt Libby as well. Liam is less than happy about it.

Liam ignoring the rest of his gifts.

Lots more, little boy:

More Liam with his truck. Half the pictures have Helena in the way because the time between my finger taking a shot and the camera taking a shot seems like an eternity.

Dalen opening up presents. She’s more excited about it than Liam:

Look what I….er….you got, Liam!

Yeah, okay, mom.

Mommy opening more presents:

Finally, Liam plays with something else:

Tomorrow he’ll discover all his other new presents, and forget about the truck.