Anatamy of a Dinner

Liam, what are you eating?

Liam doesn’t like eating too much, so he usually begins throwing food and silverware after two or three minutes. Sometimes we just push his chair back away from the dinner table, sometimes we let him down. Today he stole Helena’s fork while she was still eating.

Funny, Liam…now give it back:

Liam loves his big sister, so he brings it back.

News about Chubby

He is sick. He has “chicken boxes”. Poor boy.

We feel bad for Helena. Because Chubby is with Helena 7-24, as Pop-pop says, he is beginning to wear a bit. Helena asked Dalen why Chubby was losing his smile.

The picture of Chubby above is one when he was about two and a half years old. Now that he is four years old, he looks much older. Apparently he is about 70 in “Chubby years”.