Breaking the Law with Pop-pop-pop

I took Helena to the lake during a school day because our school has a day there every year for a service day. Since Liam wouldn’t make it through the afternoon without his nap, he was left at daycare.

I put Helena in Liam’s seat just for fun when we went back to get Liam once the program was over.

After picking Liam up, she wanted to get into Liam’s seat again. I explained to her why she couldn’t.

Me (to Helena): Liam is still too small to sit in your seat, so he has to sit in his. So you have to sit on your own.

Helena: Why can’t we switch?

Me: Because you can’t sit in your seat until you weigh 30 pounds, and Liam doesn’t weigh that much yet. But he will pretty soon, that is why I bought another one of your seats. And if the police saw Liam in that seat, daddy could get into trouble because it is unsafe. (Pointing to front seat). And you won’t be able to sit up there until you are really big.

Helena (after a long pause): Uh oh.

Me: What’s wrong?

Helena: Remember that time that Pop-pop-pop took me in his funny car? I rode in the front seat.

Me: I know, pop-pop didn’t know.

Helena: Yeah, he could have gotten in a lot of trouble.

Me: Yes, I suppose he could have.