Photos from the zoo

Wild animals
Helena obsessed with a dead snake.

Helena looking at a skeleton head of an ox. She feels bad for anything that is dead, even if it is hundreds of years old. She wanted to know if the ox was nice. I told her that I wasn’t really sure, but oxen are usually nice animals.

Bill Clinton in the house!

No comment.
Dad and Liam
Prarie dogs
Liam before…..
….and after bumping his head.

Playing Together

This could be one of those books without any words … just write the story yourself. It all began with Liam knocking over her “castle”, which is just a bunch of Lego blocks stacked upon each other. I told Liam to put it back together, but Helena wanted to do it. So I told Liam to let Helena do it if she wanted to since he was the “bad boy”.