Helena’s last day of Beginning Ballet went well. Bill took pictures with a zoom lens, so not much came out. Dalen took the video camera and we watched a video of the floor later in the week. Here are some shots that turned out okay.

The class. I was thinking that this would be the day everyone was going to be ontime, but they weren’t. The class began at 8:30. Luckily the presentation began at 9:00, or else some wouldn’t have made it to their first recital.

Helena concentrating?

2nd position! (or third)

The train.
There is daddy glowing in the background.

Helena was one of the younger kids in the class.

Helena dancing (running) around the dance floor.

Some Photos of Ada

On her playmat. She’s finally swatting at things in front of her, unfortunately, she isn’t swatting Liam yet. He needs to be.

Daddy and Liam playing Coo Coo the Clown game….

and Ada giving directions.

Ada on daddy’s legs. Whenever we do this, I end up with spit all over my knee (as you can see).

Putting the Christmas Tree Together

Getting into the bags with the ornaments.

Blank slate.
Liam playing the trumpet ornament.

Liam found the deer first. Helena was jealous…luckily she found the other one. I’m sure that they won’t be on the tree for long.

Ada isn’t up to anything unusual.

Liam being silly.
Liam is trying to put up a stocking. He thinks that they just stick to the wall, apparently.

Our final product. You won’t be seeing this one on display anywhere.