Great Liam Story

Helena and Liam can get a little carried away with silliness at the dinner table. On two occasions I told that one of them would have to go sit in the kitchen to finish eating. The second night was Liam’s turn.

I’d go in to check on him every couple of minutes. As usual, he isn’t touching his vegetables. But Dalen and I insist that they eat them. So I tell him to eat his carrots, and I leave. I come into the kitchen a couple minutes later and he’s done with the vegetables, so I tell him “Great job!” Little did I know.

The kids get cleaned up and go to play. I’m doing the dishes. For some reason I open up the drawer with the washcloths in it and find the following (click on the picture).

I had to show my disappointment with Liam while he cleaned them up, but it was impossible to keep a straight face because I was laughing so hard. I had to go stand on the stairs to the cellar while he cleaned them up in perfect Liam form…one carrot at a time to the trash.


Helena after painting her horse that she got as a gift.

She’s proud of it.

Ada’s vocal arts. Sounds a little like Yoko Ono.

Helena’s Play-doh sculpture.

Once again, pretty proud of it.

Puzzle makers.

Helena got a little mad at Liam because she didn’t want Liam in the picture. Poor Liam.

Helena’s Artwork

These are my favorites – not artwork, really, but notes to Dalen and I.

“Can we have girl time? today if I am good”
“Dear Mommy I wish that we can go to Energy Park.”

(Energy Park is really an indoor park in Edina)

A milk truck.

Helena used to do this often. She’d write her name and then fill in the spaces (along the side)

She was never too keen on keeping her coloring in the lines, but she’s much better now.

Zoe is a friend of Helena’s.

I miss Helena’s coconut trees.

Photos of Helena

Helena’s birthday party. Zoe and Lark look on as Helena tries to blow out her candles, which was very difficult. Mary Grace is in the foreground and can’t be seen.

Helena’s official yearly photo in front of her growth chart with one of her favorite birthday presents. She didn’t pose with the horse Libby and Dori got her because its hoof hit Helena when she was walking down the stairs.

Helena being silly.