Daycare calls Dalen, who calls me, and tells me that Helena is sick. It is a Friday and the secretary can’t find a substitute. So I go get Helena during lunch and go back to school to find people to finish my day for me. While sitting at my desk playing PBS Kids, she pukes all over my desk with 34 teenagers in the room.

Well, it is easier to get the secretary to find me a sub once a kid throws up in class, so I get to go home. By Saturday, all three kids are sick.

Liam’s Birthday

Liam likes his train cake.

Blowing out his candles while wearing the official Towne Birthday Hat

Mmmm. Cake is good.

Helena thinks so too.

Ada….not so much.

Liam arranging the presents….just so….


Here was the favorite gift of the night. A microwave. As he was opening it…..

….it made noise!

Liam got a new Thomas shirt. After dad spent an hour and a half putting his tractor together that his aunts and uncle got him, Liam decided to do a little redecorating.