Recent Pictures

Helena takes good care of Ada, and Ada loves Helena. We have to keep Liam from Ada quite a bit.
Helena in one of her cute moments. Her hero is Pippi Longstocking. When she gets mad at us, she’ll tell us she was like Pippi and wouldn’t have to have parents. That’s my kid!

Liam is pretty shy of the camera, but often poses with Helena, who he looks up to.

Helena likes being outside. Here she is taking it upon herself to shovel.

Here is Liam after another daycare accident. Max threw a truck at him.

Ada has learned to sit up. She has to have a pillow behind her, but she can usually sit by herself for awhile. Now she is getting used to being on her stomach. Crawling isn’t too far away.

A portrait of Ada.

Helena wearing a hat that she had when she was about Ada’s age, but fits better at 5 years.

Gravity defying snow.

Car caught in a snowdrift.