Easy Bake Oven

At dinner, Ada was eating really well. I sat down with her and began feeding her while Dalen was finishing matzo balls in the kitchen. She ate like a horse. When Dalen came in, she had finished her oatmeal and sweet potatoes so Dalen gave her a cookie.

She was sleeping with the cookie after just a few minutes. She never even gave us a warning.

While I went upstairs to read while Ada napped, Helena and Liam made cake with their Easybake oven.
OK, it isn’t a new one.
Finished product.
Helena is happy

Helena doesn’t like chocolate very much, but Liam does.

Photos from the Past Week

I tried to get a picture of Helena’s toenail that is falling off after she slammed her toe in the door of the car a few weeks ago, but it didn’t turn out. We’ll all have to wait a bit longer for that!

Helena’s view of the lagoon from the bike trailer.

Liam at “the flowers”

Liam’s hairdo after nap. I’ve pretty much given up trying to fix it.

Helena and her friend, Zoe.

Ada looking out the window at Liam.

Ada eating a Freezy-pop.

Helena likes shucking corn.

Liam likes it to, although Helena doesn’t like Liam doing it.

Liam takes it quite seriously.

At the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Train Ride

We took a two-hour train ride on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border on Saturday which the kids absolutely loved. We almost had the entire train to ourselves – there were probably about 7 or 8 families on the whole train of about the same number of cars. The following short video is from one of the box cars where we spent the most time.

At the Flower Garden and at the Lake

The kids like to “go see the flowers”. Unfortunately, about half of them will have to make way for a new housing development. In the meantime, we’ll go two or three times a week.

Helena sees a bee.

Helena at Lake Calhoun.

It looks like Liam is looking the wrong way, but he’s watching Helena play at the playground.

Helena learning new tricks.

Liam not learning new tricks.

Southwest Journal Readers

For those of you that came in through the Southwest Journal article, thanks. I was just reading it tonight and noticed my name. I began wondering if people would come here looking for anything interesting about southwest Minneapolis. Well, besides some pictures of the area that my daughter took, there isn’t much.

If you are wondering what blogs are, or what they are used for, please feel free to look around. My family is in New York, and my wife’s family is in North Carolina so this is how we can “send” pictures and news home without stamps. Yes, we still use the phone and email, but this seems easier for this type of correspondence.

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