Helena Toenail Has Finally Fallen Off

Helena’s toenail a couple of days before it fell off. It finally fell off in the pool at Bryant Square Park. Its whereabouts is unknown. She was a little upset that she couldn’t find it because I told her that the toenail fairy would have come and left a peanut-butter sandwich under her pillow.

What it looks like now.

My cute daughter.

My other daughter (sigh)
Ada finally is sleeping in her crib.

Liam is turning into an artist. He can write his name now as well.

July Photos

Ada tearing the kitchen apart
Liam getting ready for a ride. We went to the Bastille Day block party and then for ice-cream.


Helena and Liam on the Grain Belt bridge (Hennepin Ave) on July 4th. Helena was more excited about the cotton candy.

Liam likes looking out the window at the traffic. I think he knows the bus drivers by heart now.

Mommy reinforcing gender roles.

Helena reading.