Daycare Pictures – Helena

Big smile. She might be up to something.

With friend Zoe at Painter Park.

Dress up.

The future. I’m sure of it.

Rare day with Chubby at daycare.

Reading with Mary Grace and Lark.

Helena draws pictures and puts them in envelopes for mom and dad to open.

Climbing trees.

With Ada.

Helena hasn’t met an animal that she hasn’t liked.

Pajama day.

Daycare Pictures – Liam

Playing at the park.

Liam loves playing with water. Having him wash his hands in the sink after dinner could be a 45 minute task.

With nemesis, Max.


Liam’s third birthday.

Being silly.
“I’m not your little boy, I’m Grandma Laura’s little boy”. Mariama looks comfortable.

Another of Liam’s favorites: Playdoh.

Liam got to do the little poster for “A” week.

Taking a break. I imagine that he was playing with the cars. This year has been an exciting one at daycare because of the Lyndale Avenue construction project outside of daycare. Liam loves the diggers, bulldozers, steam rollers, and other trucks.

Liam likes throwing balls around too, often with disastrous consequences.

Liam caught being nice to his little sister.

I have no idea what to think of this one.

Happy. Probably a good snack.

Wet again.

Two more happy pictures. I wish he were happy when we drop him off at daycare.

Daycare Pictures – Ada

This is the first photo of Ada at daycare. Such a beauty, too.

Sitting up.
With Celeste. Looking at Celeste’s shirt, I think daycare providers should get a dry cleaning allowance.

Smiling Ada.
Playing with her feet again. This is a common pose of hers … she would seemingly always sit with feet up a bit.

With her sister. As nice as Helena is to Ada, she can’t help smothering her at times.

With the grandmas.

More Photos from New York

After we arrived in Gloversville without a key, I had to search a bit for one (never found one). But Helena did spot this deer peeking in through the window, and she had to see it.

I took this picture of the kids in pop-pop’s chair. Okay, I drew pants on Helena)

Libby with Ada.

Helena putting Libby’s makeup on.

Helena wanted a picture of Sue.

Ada, stop touching that outlet.

Not listening!

Dad took a picture of Dunkin’ Donuts. None out here in Minneapolis.

Adirondack Animal Land

Just after we entered into the park.

Helena liked the petting zoo. Liam was really scared so we had to leave and watch her from beyond the gate….

…where he watched the chicken that got out…

…until it began to move!

Helena in front of the giraffe.

Here are photos of Helena in 2004 and 2005. We didn’t go to New York in 2006 because Ada was about ready to pop out.

and Liam too. Liam was too tired and grumpy to have his picture taken in 2005.

The highlight of the afternoon was the giraffe (since there were no pony rides).

Drinking their “Puppy Slushes” before the safari ride. I didn’t get a photo of a camel kissing me all over the back of my neck, which Helena and Liam loved quite a bit (as well as the other people on the ride)