Other current events

Helena is still enjoying being a big sister for the most part. Unfortunately, poor Ada is now being treated like a doll which really gets on Ada’s nerves.
Ada has decided she wants to cook. She is such a little “girl’s, girl”…she loves shoes, hats, strolling her baby around, and yes, trying to cook. I don’t know where she gets it… Naturally, she pulled up the stool & did this own her own when the man fixing the furnace was here (he probably thinks we are nuts b/c we were taking a picture of her rather than moving her when he came up).
The family was really excited about going to my art show….
Ada has finally figured out the best way to deal with Liam. I think he better watch out…
Two really important developments here: with Helena now in kindergarten, the kids will go longer amounts of time playing & not fighting. They love go fish & Liam even wins sometimes (which Helena HATES…she is so competitive). The second notable thing is that Liam is wearing stripes… he is ONLY wearing stripes & refuses to wear anything else!

the return home from Halloween adventure….

And the night continues….

with a Towne mishap. Poor little Ada was running in the costume (I mentioned it was too big) and tripped. She landed right on her face & she & I had to come home and take of her bloody costume. Here is her battle scar.

As they entered the door Liam had his costume off in all of two seconds & as you can see Helena was right behind him. Here are part of the goods…notice Ada is trying to get in on the action.
As Liam and Helena were sorting thier candy, Ada vanished. I noticed she wasn’t around & found her behind the kids blue chair in the living room. She was totally quiet and was in the process of eating a lollipop (it was her first & she had more paper in her mouth than candy).
Ada’s new discovery is a big hit as you can see. After this she was taking lollipops out of their baskets and running away from me with them for about 2 weeks.


Well, here are some new pictures of the kids from Halloween…Smiles from Helena & Liam who understand candy is on the way… Ada is not at all Happy.
This is a serious sport….
My little lion….
This costume is one Liam wore year before last & as you can tell, it is too big. That will cause yet another “Towne Disaster” later in the evening.
Three of my four kids off on their way to get candy. Ada is working so hard to keep up, Liam is looking at Helena, & Bill is not quite as pouty as usual (costumes make him happy…he stole the knight’s shield from Liam’s toy box as well as a sword…he still hasn’t given them back.)