Christmas 2008


Christmas Morning

Liam wakes up first and comes into the bedroom to wake Dalen up.

He then goes into Helena’s room and wakes her up and they both go downstairs.

Helena immediately begins opening her stocking and munching down on candy.

Liam runs back upstairs and tells Dalen and I that there are some “big ones” downstairs, so we get up and head on down (where we find Helena eating her candy)

Liam was impressed that Santa ate “all of his cookies” except one (there were only three).

By the time we began opening presents, Ada was sitting on the floor with all her candy spread out in front of her, but whenever Liam would turn his head, she’d take one of his and add it to her pile.

Liam Hides His Poop

Liam calls me upstairs to help him wipe and I notice poop on the bath rug and on two towels. But no poop. I ask him where it is, and he gets a little nervous and tells me that it went down the toilet. I’m a little more firm and ask him again…now he begins to cry but sticks to his story.

Days later Dalen finds it in the hamper. Yuck.

Another Lost Tooth

Helena lost a tooth at school for the first time. It happened during lunch, but apparently, not while she was eating. The lunch lady gave Helena a little envelope to put the tooth in, sealed it, and then Helena got that home without a problem. Helena also said that her tooth didn’t bleed at all.

All of this transcribed from a VERY excited Helena as I got her off the bus at Lake Harriet.

Bathroom Info

Liam has taken his second baseball-sized poop in three weeks. While I was cutting it down into human-septic system size pieces, Ada said that she wanted to go pee. So she took her pants and diaper off and sat on her potty. After three times getting up and telling me that she peed when she hadn’t, she really did sit down and go. That’s the first time that she did it on her own from start to finish. Awesome! Now if she can go a whole day without getting into trouble at daycare she’d be perfect. Today she was hitting the other kids and a teacher.

Ada’s Sweet Tooth

Ada steals lots of sweets from the drawers and the cabinet where we keep the baking stuff. Tonight she went in and got some unsweetened chocolate bars out of the box, unwrapped it, and took a bite. Only then did she learn that unsweetened chocolate isn’t as good as regular “chockie”.

I doubt that she has learned her lesson, though.

Dori’s Visit

Dori visited for Thanksgiving this year. Helena and Liam took a lot of her time up. Ada pretty much just ran around the house ruining things as usual. They all went to Target, Toys ‘R Us, Burger King Play Place in Richfield which was fun for the kids. We all put the Christmas tree up, and despite only having lights and ornaments (or “ingredients” as Helena used to call them as we were reminded by Dori) on the bottom 2/3 of the tree, it looks good.