Helena’s Birthday

Ten girls were invited, nine of them came. Those nine, plus Helena, Liam, and Ada made for a very (high-pitched) loud house.

So Helena had a small party (on her birthday) with us at home, and then the party with her friends on her birthday.

Liam and Ada taking it all in.

The girls

Lining up to be thrown onto the couch.

Mom giving directions

Helena excited.

Liam's gift

Ada's already stealing Helena's presents.

Liam being curious.

Reading birthday cards.

Helena happy with a glass jar (for marbles)

Ada's present.

Helena's cake.




Ice Skating

Liam had his first night on ice skates tonight. He thinks that he did great – with the help of the dining room chair. He didn’t fall too much, but he wasn’t taking too many chances.

Helena got a sore on her ankle, and she is currently upstairs in the bathtub crying her eyes out about it.

Ada hasn’t sat down in the bathtub since I turned on the whirlpool a month ago.