Libby and Peter’s Easter Vacation

When Helena, Liam, and I got back into town from Chicago, Libby and Peter were to arrive in about an hour and a half, so I took them to Barnes and Nobel at the mall instead of going home, then, pretending to be lost, ended up at the airport. The kids had a nice surprise to see their aunt and uncle there. Libby was about halfway through her pregnancy at this point, so she may have been trying to spend a weekend with us to see if it all is really worth it.

The weather was nice, so we spent some time outside. Libby and Peter took the kids to Toys ‘R Us, and Helena didn’t really want anything, which was the biggest surprise of the weekend. Libby and Peter took the kids to an egg hunt at Linden Hills park while Dalen and I ran into Target, Walgreens, and Cub Foods looking for Speckled Eggs, which were never found. Peter colored eggs for the first time, while the rest of us wondered if he grew up in a cave. With Libby saving days off to be with her own kid, she only got to stay a couple of days, but after Easter morning, she’d probably had enough!


Dad, Helena, and Liam went to Chicago over our Spring Break. The weather was great – just a little chilly but sunny.

We left Minneapolis at 4:00 and were in Chicago by 11:00. Our hotel room was ready, so we immediately went across the street to the Field Museum. After that, we had dinner on our walk over to the Sears Tower, then took a cab back to the hotel where Liam immediately fell asleep while Helena and I laughed at Mythbusters on the television.

The next morning we went to breakfast then went to the Shedd Aquarium because Liam wanted to see the dolphin show. In typical fashion, that part of the aquarium was under renovation. But we spent some time there, and afterword in Grant Park, where the kids played with some others, and rolled down the hill over and over. They also found the carcass of a squirrel, which was quite exciting.

Then we went to the hotel for a little nap, then we took the subway into town for dinner (Pizzeria Uno, which we all hated), then we took a cab to the Children’s Museum, where we stayed until they closed. A cab home, sleep, and we were on the road by 6:15 the next morning for the kids to be surprised that their Aunt Libby and Uncle Peter were going to be there that night.

Conversation at Daycare

MaryAnne: I cut up a pineapple today and your kids really liked it.

Me: Yeah, they’ll eat anything with sugar.

Celeste: All kids like anything with sugar.

Me: That Ada is the worst…she’ll steal to get anything with sugar.

Celeste: At least she’s stopped eating out of the garbage.


Note: She’s still grabbing the Propel packets out of the garbage to suck on them.