Bryant Square Park

We didn’t really make it over to Painter Park at all this year…just a few times. Because our neighbors are usually at Bryant Square, the kids like going there. They used to seem to like Painter better. So did I, but the clientèle (ironically, I’m listening to the Clientèle right now) has seemed to improve.

Helena had a school project due and she wanted a picture of her swinging on the monkey bars (which she loves) on it. So I brought the camera over and took these.

The pictures of Helena jumping off the swing were taken by me sitting on a bench after another kid told Helena that he could jump really far off the swing. Helena jumped so much farther than the poor other kid could. It kind of reminded me of a class play date at Linden Hills park when the class clown/jerk, Ian, was showing off on the monkey bars and Helena told him that she could swing upside down, which she proceeded to show him. Ian told her that was easy. Helena lost interest and took off to so something else and Ian stayed there trying to swing upside down, which he was unable to do. Helena never saw him try and I never told her, but it was funny to see him talk so big but couldn’t do what Helena could.

Third Week of School

I see Ada holding two shiny discs, which I assume are leftover Chuck E Cheese tokens from Helena’s fourth(?) birthday.

Dad: “What is that?”

Ada: “Butter keeps”

Dad: “What are they?”

Ada: “Butter keeps”

Dad: “Butter keeps?”

Ada shows me that she’s holding two bottle caps.


Liam cried today at Minneapolis Kids and at breakfast because he missed mom. He is still enjoying himself at soccer.


When the kids came to school today, I was at a meeting in the media center – on the other side of campus from my room. So she led Liam and Eddie on an excursion to find me, asking adults for help on the way. Once she found me, she said that next she was going to ask the office to call me over the speakers.

Helena Growing Up

Helena, Ada, and I were on a canoe on the Lake of the Isles and Helena asked if we could go onto one of the islands. I said that we couldn’t because it was only for the animals. I pointed to a sign that was on the shore of the island that explained as much so people wouldn’t go on it.

Helena said, “Well, signs aren’t enough for some people”.

Both kids were excited about getting some cookie from a stranger while on the dock to feed to the fish. We took the canoe from Calhoun, across Lake of the Isles, and onto Cedar Lake and then back.

Update on Liam

I brought Liam into Minneapolis Kids today with the stolen car. On the way over, I asked him what he was going to say. He said, “I stole it?”. I said, “What else?”. Helena chimes in that Liam has to say that he’s sorry.

When we were walking up to the door, I asked him who he would like to tell. He didn’t say anything. Two women were near the door so I waited to see if he would say anything, but he didn’t. When I went to the other room, he was still mum, so I pointed to one of the men who work there.

The guy says, “Hey, cool car? Where did you get it?”, which I thought was pretty funny. Liam still couldn’t talk, so I said, “Unfortunately, from here”. I then asked Liam what he had to say and he began crying but let out an “I’m sorry”. The guy then said that it was okay as long as he doesn’t do it again. I then got him out of the room quickly before he totally lost it. Besides, Helena would probably make a big fuss about it all night.

So I walked him to the other room where he put the car back. I didn’t say much else, but just put my hand on his head, then on his back and walked him back into the other room to start his day. I’d like to think that he won’t ever do it again.

Liam’s Loses His First Tooth

It was wiggly for awhile. Just as he was climbing into bed  I asked him (sort of) jokingly if he wanted me to rip it out. He nodded. So I put my fingers on it and pulled just a little bit. Very much to my surprise, it came right out. That never happened with Helena’s teeth, which seem to come out for an hour or so.

Random Things

Dalen: “Don’t you put that booger in your mouth”

Ada: “I love them!”

Dalen is in the process of finding a piano teacher for Helena. Dad will begin a piano class for adults this month at MacPhail.

On the second day of school, Liam stole a car from Minneapolis Kids. (Helena stole a horse from Mrs. Sisler’s kindergarten class two years ago, so it must run in the family)

Liam’s First Day of School

Dalen couldn’t get the camera to work with Liam coming off the bus, but this will be good enough.

Morning pictures, and afternoon pictures. If was Helena’s third day of school.

Helena always has had a tag on her backpack with a picture of Chubby on it. Dalen wanted Liam to have a picture but he has no Chubby, so Dalen didn’t know what to put on it. The morning of his first day I spot a picture of Liam and Dalen on it and knew it was a bad idea. Dalen overruled.

As Liam and Helena get off the bus, Helena tells us that boys were making fun of Liam because of it. At least it has been removed. Bad first day for the kid.

Helena has been a big help, although Liam does cry on some days at breakfast. Liam also follows Helena wherever she goes when they are both in Minneapolis Kids. She’s a great big sister.