Ada and I were at Brit’s Pub. I took her downtown by herself since Helena had a friend coming over to the house and Liam was headed over to another friend’s house. We went to Candyland, where she got her usual jelly beans. Then we took the skyways all around downtown. She told me many times that she was thirsty and hungry, and that she wanted to eat out. Since I haven’t taken the kids out to eat in awhile, we ended up at the pub.

Ada liked looking at the flags hanging from the ceiling, and she wanted to walk upstairs since she could see it from the place where we were sitting. For awhile as we sat, we heard a boy screaming excitedly every few minutes, which Ada liked. Once we had finished, the little boy that was so loud was looking out the window by where we were sitting. So Ada was pleased that she got to see the boy. Then he comes over and I tell Ada to say hello. His parents tell him, Sid, to say hello. Then he gets closer, puts his hands on Ada’s chest and says, “Tickle, tickle”. Well, Ada absolutely laughed at that despite her surprise. When Sid left, Ada said, “He was cute”. And she talked about it all night, although she kept saying, “What was that boy’s name?”

Lake Harriet (now even more local!) Community School

Lake Harriet, being desirable and terribly crowded, has to let some non-local kids go. So Helena and Liam have to reapply since they are out of the area. We’ve told the kids that they may not be able to go back, but I haven’t talked about it since. Helena must have it on the back of her mind, though, since this hangs in her room.

Liam’s Birthday

Liam’s birthday was on a Sunday, so he had nine friends over for his birthday party on Saturday. Not as loud and high pitched as Helena’s seventh, but it definitely was still loud. And, there was much more running. They ran around the downstairs playing “it” with a ball.

Two kids wanted dad’s to stay. One dad eventually got the okay to go, another never did.

Liam was having a great deal of fun. Liam’s best trait is that he gets enjoyment out of seeing other people enjoying themselves, and he displayed this all afternoon long.

Again, it was a no-present party, but the food, cake, and ice-cream went over well. Too bad it has to be held indoors. Ada was a little nervous with all the noise. Helena played a bit with some kids for awhile, but then she went to the couch with a book.

Liam’s “real” birthday was in the morning, which explains the opening of presents with messy hair and pajamas. It was the Mario Kart birthday….pretty much everything he got was Mario in one way or another. Weeks later he’s still drawing pictures using his Mario trading cards as images to copy, wearing his Mario pajamas, walking around with a Mario keychain-type thing on his backpack, and so on.

Liam’s Playing Soccer Again

I was trying to find a soccer class for Liam to take in the winter. I found one given by the Minnesota Thunder that takes place on Saturdays in Woodbury. I certainly didn’t feel like driving way out there on Saturday morning, but I emailed the contact and he said that it would be good for Liam (after I wrote that I didn’t want him in anything too competative).

The next morning at Minneapolis Kids, I see a flyer that said that the Thunder Camp was going to be at Minneapolis Kids after school on Thursday. So that was easy, and we signed Helena up for Friday science class as well.

I Have A Dream

The kids in Liam’s kindergarten class had to each make an “I have a dream” paper display for the hallway.

Most of them say things like, “I wish there were no wars”, “I wish that there were no guns”, or “I wish that everyone lived in peace”. The one directly to the right of Liam’s said, “I wish that my dad didn’t have to travel a lot”.

Liam’s is here: