Memorial Day

Busy, busy day. We started at Painter Park. Ada and Helena rode scooters there; Liam rode his bike. I brought a soccer ball since Liam and Helena had insisted on it all morning long. After the park (which we had to leave because Ada had to go pee, we went home and had our lunch (and Ada didn’t  have to go to the bathroom any longer). Then we went for a trolley ride from Linden Hills to Lakewood Cemetery.  I’ve been trying to get back into the chapel with the kids for a long, long time. But they were offering tours today so we went in. Ada found it interesting….she kept looking up. The kids tried their best to imagine how big ten-million is, since that is how many mosaic tiles make up the walls and ceiling.

We then took the trolley back to Linden Hills and then went on to Ben & Jerry’s to use the coupon that expired today. The banana splits lasted five minutes between them. After going back to the car and taking pictures of Helena, our messy eater, she figured out what was going on and cleaned her mouth. Then we all laughed because I was taking pictures of the chocolate ice cream all over her forehead. “How did I get it up there??!”

On our way back home we got to see an accident involving a motorcycle….pretty exciting. The pool was supposed to open today, but as we drove by it we noticed that it was still closed. After Ada’s (un)nap and dinner Liam rode back over to confirm that it was indeed not open. Liam and I played Mario Kart and I finally unlocked Rosalina, so he was pretty happy. We then went outside to play some game that Liam had made up (or made up on the spot). And now I’m getting all the pictures together to put here.

Ice Cream

We took a bike ride to Ben & Jerry’s. Ada was the most excited and ate the ice cream with hardly taking a breather. Helena takes all the cookie dough chunks out and puts them on her napkin in order to save them for last (top – center). Since I shared with her, she would dig in looking for them before I ever got one.

Peavey Plaza

We went downtown for our monthly (or so) trip to Candyland. This time we ate lunch out at Brits, although Helena wouldn’t eat outside because their limited menu on the roof didn’t include the kids pizza.

Afterward we walked across the street to Peavey Plaza. The fountains were finally turned on. The plaza itself was slightly flooded despite no rain, but that didn’t keep the kids from having any fun. In fact, it was the source of all the fun.

On top of that some Parkour group that was there after meeting on “” and they went around doing their thing throughout the plaza. Then Liam wanted to do his own tricks, so I followed him around for awhile.

They went home very, very wet.

Liam on His Bike

This day will be forever known as the first day that Liam could get up the hill from the Greenway to Bryant Avenue on his bike without stopping and having to walk it. After I cheered him on once I saw that he was going to do it and congratulated him for doing so when he reached us at the top, he grinned for about three blocks.

I also fixed the brakes on his bike so the $35 Bicycle Maintenance class seems to have paid off (a little, at least). But I found out that the kids constantly knocking my bike over in the garage has taken its toll.

May Day

The Minneapolis May Day parade. Best parade of the year. It is funny to think of a parade nowadays with no corporate sponsors … this one is run by a puppet theatre company on Lake Street.

The kids laughed and laughed at the bikes that went by before the “official” parade, then Ada would walk out into the street every time to see what was next. “Yai, yai – Mee–um, TIGERS!”

Afterward we headed down to Powderhorn Park,  but it got windy and cool, so they wanted to leave. An hour later the weather was beautiful again. C’est la vie.