Institute of Arts

We’re doing a scavenger hunt at the Institute of Arts and we have to find the painting shown here which shows Artemis (or Diana? – I can’t remember) with hunters in the back. I ask Liam what is going on and he thinks that it is a dog park.

Then we have to go find the bust of Medusa. Ada sees the photo in the scavenger hunt brochure and as soon as we turn a corner, she sees her:

This all happened before we temporarily lost Ada and after their art project.

At work:



Liam’s Birthday Party

We had Liam’s birthday party at my house for him and ten friends. It was pretty crowded. We first took the kids over to the park for a game of ice soccer. Well, it didn’t turn out that way. The kids just liked sliding around. Then they were playing king of the hill until I decided to throw everyone off while Helena took some pictures.

We ordered pizza from the park, but it was going to take a long time for them to deliver it, so we went back to the house, the kids played Mario Kart for awhile, then we had ice cream and cake. Luckily the pizza came just as we served it, so all worked out pretty well. Then the kids ran around the house for another twenty minutes before the parents began to arrive. The two hours went by pretty quickly.

After the kids left, Liam opened the presents from his friends, with Ada playing Santa. His friends know him really well. All Mario and Star Wars toys.