Southwest Sock Hop

I didn’t take many photos because it was so dark, but here is on of Ada trying to blow a bubble in a contest, with some other kid getting in the way.

(It never happened)

But I got second place in the potato roll, which the kids thought was funny. They also liked that I could throw a hula-hoop and make it come back to me, although Ada kept running off to grab it before it had spun enough to come back to me.


Ada’s Been Home for Ten Minutes

Dalen was picking the other two up from piano, so I brought Ada home by herself. When we pulled into the garage, she noticed that we hadn’t gotten Helena and Liam. So I pretended I forgot. I asked what we should do. She said that we should go get them. I sat there for a minute and said that I think that they could walk home. Ada said that they probably couldn’t. I told her that they know that the live near Bryant Square Park. Ada said, “Well…..”.

Anyhow, we went inside and Ada forgot all about it. But she had lots of company….she pulled out all these toys within ten minutes. She couldn’t even bother to put her backpack away.