Walker Family Day

Some photos of the kids.

We also were walking out and there was a sign by one of the galleries that said that there was nudity inside. That certainly got Helena asking questions. I peek in and see lots of artwork, but nothing that would be bad. I ask her if she’d like to see, and she says, “Sure!”.

When you first walk in, there is nothing out of the ordinary – a statue of a bird is the only thing that I can remember. I see a very large canvas at the other end of the large gallery that seems to be lots of small black and white photographs on it. I guess that it is the culprit. Then I notice the video of a woman massaging her breasts. Helena sees it to. I said, “Well, is that what you wanted to see?”. And Helena says, “She’s doing this!”, mimicking the woman.Well, that’s art, I suppose. Maybe there is more to it, but I think that she saw enough.

Earlier in the day we drove by the billboard that has a nude painting on it for the MIA. I said, “That lady’s naked!”. Helena said, “Well, I think that was the way you were born”.

Funny Comment from Ada

Every other Monday I go with friends to Tailgate, a sports-bar(?) in south Minneapolis. You can easily spot the place by the tailgate of a truck hanging over the entrance.

Today while at Home Depot for the monthly Kids Workshop, on the way out I stopped to look at toilets. Liam puts his project (a Home Depot sports car) into the built in handle of the box and Ada says, “That looks like where daddy gets beer”.

Yes, honey, you’re right.

Two pictures from their projects