Liam got Nintendo Monopoly for his birthday and really likes it. He has no idea what Park Place and Boardwalk are, but he really wants to own Luigi and Mario. Games typically go for two hours and I’m surprised at Helena’s and Liam’s stamina with it. Ada, not so much.

The part that was so funny about Ada falling asleep is that we didn’t notice when she did. Ada was in charge of houses and hotels. I said, “Ada, I need three more houses”….”Ada?”

That’s when we noticed. We all laughed pretty hard at ourselves.


Helena and Liam on an Errand

I asked Helena if she would like to run over to the store to get an onion. She told me that she would if Liam could go with her. Ada and I watched from the house. This was the first time that I’ve let them cross the street on their own, so it was really exciting for them!

Looking both ways.


Satisfied with their success