Day at the Mall

Spitting off the top of the parking garage (it was okay, because it was toward St. Paul)


We were going to go out to lunch when we walked by a restaurant with many televisions in it showing four football games at once. Since Liam couldn’t stop staring, we just ate there.

Helena saw the Lovesac store and wanted to go inside and try some out.

We went to the Mirror Maze exhibit, which the kids liked….four about three minutes.


Bocce with Liam

Liam pretty much likes playing any game he can. Soccer, baseball, football, kickball,…. He found the bocce set in the garage and bugged me all day about playing. So during the evening we went over the park to play. The girls weren’t interested at all so they played on the playground until they saw me talking to one of my students who was walking by and who was with some others all dressed up for a school dance. Then they came running over.




Mosaic Project

Here we are on the first day of actually working on the mosaic project for the neighborhood which will be across the street when finished.

We worked on icicles made of mirror today. In the end the kids had fun, particularly Liam, and Ada had cut her finger (but she wasn’t too bothered by it).



Twins / Indians

I took Liam downtown to a Twins game tonight. Liam didn’t know that we were going there, so once we just walked into the stadium he couldn’t stop talking and running around in circles he was so excited. Luckily the Twins were in last place by this time, so tickets were pretty cheap. The weather was pretty cold (51 degrees when it began with a good wind), but we did stay the whole time. Luckily the Twins began to come back near the end of the game to make it a bit exciting.

Pretty excited  as we get to the seats


Kramarczuk sausage.

After seeing the milk commercial the sixtieth time in the stadium, Liam wanted some. But as far as I know, you can't actually find milk anywhere, so he had a monster soda.

Trying to stay warm. A "few" empty seats.

On the dugout after the game just before we were yelled out for sitting on the dugout after the game.

At the entrance (after the game)

Liam Falls at School

Liam was playing at recess and while running from third to home in kickball, a kid threw the ball at Liam and it happened to get him between his legs and he was running, so his back foot going forward wouldn’t move and Liam fell. The nurse called me at school to pick him up and said that he might need stitches.

His arm didn’t look so bad, but he was pretty shaken up when I got him from the nurse. When out in the hall on the way to the car I asked him if it hurt (it didn’t) or if he thought that I was angry that I had to pick him up (nope) or if he was embarrassed that he fell in front of friends (no) so I was at a loss as to why he was acting so strangely. My worst fear was that he was going to go into shock or something. It all turns out that he was terribly afraid that he would have to get stitches. So for the next two hours on the way home, on the way to the clinic, and while waiting at the clinic all I did was to try to tell him that I doubt that he would need stitches, but if he did it isn’t a big deal.

When the doctor said that he wouldn’t need the stitches, I gave Liam a thumbs up, and almost immediately Liam became completely animated and couldn’t stop laughing and talking. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen his demeanor change so quickly.

So after we were out of the doctor’s, we return Dalen’s call. She asks him what happened and if he got stitches.

Liam tells her that he wants it to be a surprise. I wonder where he got that from. He did disclose that we got French fries at McDonald’s before walking into the clinic, though.

The next day I asked Liam if he played kickball during recess and he did, so there seem to be no lasting problems due to the accident.

No stitches required.

Pizza Night

Tonight was Open House night at Southwest and the kids were going to be with me, so we went out to Michaelangelo’s Pizza, which the kids had been to once before and they liked it.

The kids were asking me about how you throw dough up into the air to make pizza a couple of days before, so since the person who was waiting on us was a former Southwest student, I asked her if my kids could watch the dough being tossed.

So, a few minutes later she came back to the table and got the kids to go into the kitchen to see. After about five minutes, they still hadn’t returned, so I went in the back and the kids were all standing there in the kitchen preparing the pizza…..sausage, pepperoni, and tomatoes. They all just looked up and smiled, and I went back to the table.

I’m sure that having kids in the back making pizza is breaking some code, but it certainly was fun for the kids, and they keep asking to go back.

Funny Photos

While at the Institute of Arts, Helena, Ada, and I had out photos taken as heroes. My wig wasn’t rolled properly, so while in front of the camera (while it was going on) I was fixing it. Then my vest fell off. By the third photo, Helena was laughing quite hard, which luckily was captured by the camera.

I find it humourous that even though the photo booth took shots at constant intervals, it caught the fixing of the wig, the fixing of the vest, and Helena laughing all at the right moments. Yet Ada just looked forward and smiled the whole time.

Last Ben & Jerry’s for the summer

The kids like ice cream, but they are even more excited about it when kids visiting and kids working there are my students. This was the Schweddy Balls night – my student who works there game me a sample of it. Helena has no idea what that means, but she thought it was funny enough to keep saying it all night.

Swimming and Institute of Arts

90 degrees in September for the third day in a row. Time to get inside and enjoy some air conditoning.

My camera ran out of batteries at the swimming pool at Lifetime, so there isn’t much here.  We went to the store for a few things, then home for lunch, then off to the MIA for the Family Day activities where they made flags and we got our picture taken which I hope would be online. We did get a small photograph of us dressed up (well, the girls and I since Liam wanted no part of it) and Helena laughed like crazy because my wig kept falling off.

Lunch outing

I took the kids to the roof of the Uptown Cafeteria. Food wasn’t so good, and it started to rain (sun shower, really), but the kids had a great time. Luckily they have umbrellas to sit under up there.

Once the sun went behind some clouds (again), they could open their eyes for a photo.

This was taken just before the server came over to say, “Where did they all go?!”