Last Ben & Jerry’s for the summer

The kids like ice cream, but they are even more excited about it when kids visiting and kids working there are my students. This was the Schweddy Balls night – my student who works there game me a sample of it. Helena has no idea what that means, but she thought it was funny enough to keep saying it all night.

Swimming and Institute of Arts

90 degrees in September for the third day in a row. Time to get inside and enjoy some air conditoning.

My camera ran out of batteries at the swimming pool at Lifetime, so there isn’t much here.  We went to the store for a few things, then home for lunch, then off to the MIA for the Family Day activities where they made flags and we got our picture taken which I hope would be online. We did get a small photograph of us dressed up (well, the girls and I since Liam wanted no part of it) and Helena laughed like crazy because my wig kept falling off.