My kids love Halloween. I think that they look forward to it as much as Christmas or Easter. So I was excited to be able to take them out again. This year Ada was a princess, Liam was Wolverine (two pictures below because he wanted one with a serious face), and Helena was a vampire, which she had to explain to a lot of people because she didn’t have fangs, despite the fact that she really did look good.

We walked around for an hour and their bags were filled and that was just Colfax and Dupont from 31st to 33rd. So I suggested that we come back home (we were only two short blocks away) and dump everything out, and then go back out again. They thought that was the greatest idea ever – as if we were breaking some rule. So we did, then went back out to Aldrich all the way down to 35th Street and back.

There were a lot of kids out this year – the weather was super nice (upper 40s) – which made it much more fun for the kids although we never did see anyone that we knew.







Liam takes some photos

The community mosaic was being installed across the street at Bryant Square Market and Liam wanted to go see it. His sisters didn’t want to go, so I took him over there and he took some photographs once he practiced with the camera with a shot of the refrigerator.

Later on we went for a walk where Liam took a photo of this “cool” plant….

His sister….

The construction area at Calhoun Square with graffiti….

and the pirate ship at Penzey’s Spices.

After that we went to Puff ‘N Stuff, which was almost out of business and ready to become the Rusty Quarters Arcade. Liam is giving Defender a shot.

Helena and Ada were given dog biscuits by the owners and they played with Bosco for awhile.



Liam has a spelling test tomorrow, but he didn’t have the words so I checked the class webpage to see if they were there. They weren’t, but his teacher did write that the kids learned about right angles and parallel lines.

Dinner was ready right afterward, so I asked Liam about parallel lines. He told me what they were and then began talking about right triangles. Helena said that she remembered that stuff…..acute and obese angles.

It kind of works, though.

Where we are

I decided to give Helena a multiplication flash card quiz tonight. I told her that I would give her 5 minutes to answer as many as she could and she got 41 of them right.

Ada read the the first 19 pages of Go Dog Go tonight, and she knows the following on her flash cards.


Monkey Bars

Ada loves playgrounds, but especially the monkey bars. All summer long she was swinging around from them whatever park she happened to be at.

It finally dawned on me late in the year to take a photo of her hands, which for the majority of the spring and summer were blistered. Since we’ve been back at school for two months. they are pretty well healed up, but still not quite. So her hands all summer long were much worse than this, particularly since they were always red.

Helena’s Practical Joke

We went to see A Wrinkle in Time at the Children’s Theatre tonight and that means that we stopped at A Slice of New York for a pizza beforehand. Since I had to return a call to Dori, I told Helena to call Dori and tell her that were were in New York for a joke while we were in the restaurant.

She only got the voice mail, so she left a message saying that we were in New York.

I had to turn the phone off because we were going to the theatre, but Dori couldn’t get back to us, and thought that we may be in New York. So Dori called Libby to find out what was going on. Then Libby got confused.

After we were home, I called Dori back and explained that it was a joke, but then Libby called. I told Helena to pretend that we were in New York and Helena had her pretty convinced.

Helena was quite proud of herself all evening after that since she had fooled Libby on the phone (she told her that we were at Dori’s and that Dori was in the bathroom, so Libby couldn’t talk to her). With all the excitement Helena had about getting her ears pierced tomorrow, she’s had a pretty exciting day.

Playdate Saturday

Helena was at a playdate for a couple of hours and Liam was with a friend for awhile, so Ada and I were by ourselves. Earlier in the day I had taken Helena and Ada to the bookstore where Helena got a Calvin and Hobbes book and Ada got the Fancy Nancy book that she couldn’t put down the entire time. So I took Ada to a coffee shop where we had hot chocolate and read Fancy Nancy (twice) and then walked around the bike shop next door.

I asked her what she would like to do since the other two were gone. She thought for a moment and then said, “We can make puzzles!”. Since I had to go to the store to get tomato and lettuce for dinner, I went to Target to get her a new puzzle. As luck would have it, they had three Fancy Nancy puzzles, so we picked one up. At home, we did the puzzle as well as the Disney Princesses one. Then while I began making dinner, she did another one.

Update on Liam’s writing

This morning I woke up to go to the restroom at 6:15 or so. I had the light on and the door closed, but Liam did wake up. When I got out of the bathroom he was sitting up in bed and he said, “I thought that it was time for your shower”. I told him that I was going to go back to bed for 30 minutes, but if he wanted to get up to work on his drawing/writing that he could. So he did.

Later, when we were all dressed and ready to head downstairs for school, I took picture of Liam’s work.

Liam and his writing

Liam has been drawing his own comic books lately. Short ones with humour….boy humour in them. He couldn’t wait until he got to the end of one the other say when one person was going to bite into a gas line and blow everything up.

Tonight we went rollerskating for the annual Minneapolis Kids welcome, so we didn’t get home until 8:20 or so. He went upstairs immediately to work on his drawing/writing. I asked him more than once to brush his teeth, but he never did get around to it. After getting the girls in bed, Liam was still drawing in his room. So in my stern voice, I told Liam to brush his teeth. He stands up, puts his head down, and walks into the bathroom.

I asked him if he’s working on another comic book. He told me that he isn’t, but just a picture with a story.

While getting him in bed, he tells me that he wishes that he could still work on it. I told him that he can’t, but if he wakes up early in the morning he could. He asked, “But what if I don’t get up in the morning?”. “Well, that just means that you really needed your sleep.”

So I went into m  bedroom. A few minutes later I realized that I needed something off the counter so I walk out of the bedroom to go downstairs. Liam is out of bed with a little nightlight shining on his writing.

After getting him in bed a second time, I just told him that he’s funny and that I’m happy that he likes to write. But I think that he actually may have gone to sleep. Maybe. And I wonder if I did the right thing – I did thought of giving him the go ahead on that one, and just hope that he’d wake up in the morning for school.


During the afternoon I walked into my bedroom and noticed that the kids, needing some nice clean space, had decided that my room would be a good space to play in. So it was a real mess.

After dinner I told Liam about three times to make sure that he had it cleaned up. He insisted that Ada should help since she was his accomplice. When putting the kids to bed, I saw that the floor was picked up.

At 11:30, after school work and writing letters of recommendation I was exhausted and ready for bed. And then I saw that Pictureka was laid out all over my bed just waiting for me to put it away.

Quaking Bog and Eloise Butler

Since it has been such a warm October, we’ve been outside as much as we can. Today we went to the very dry Quaking Bog (Frog Bog) and the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary. The kids really liked the walk, although it does get dark much more quickly than it does during the summer months, so our Quaking Bog walk was much shorter than it usually is.

Institute of Arts Family Day

Helena asked to do the scavenger hunt even before we got in the building, so the first thing that we did was to get the map. Ada insisted that she wanted one, too, but by the time we had finished doing the artwork, she had lost it. Liam was nice enough to get her another one (after I told him to!)

They are as much as excited to use the map as to find the art work on the walls (or in display cases), and certainly more than learning about the artwork. Liam had to pick up a museum map after awhile because Ada kept getting mad at him when he would want to figure out where to go next.

We noticed that kids had lost of styrofoam pumpkins and fruit on our walks, so we went to the place we usually do to do our second piece of art work but it was closed. Luckily on the way out we found out where we could make them. I mad a red pepper, Helena made fruit, Liam a soda can, and Ada a jackolantern. Then the kids wanted me to make something else, so I mad a Guinness can and for Ada, some autumn-colored malted milk balls that we’ve been stealing at Rainbow. (Actually, the kids have liked the sponge candy more, lately)