Unfortunately, I didn’t get the photograph of the cheese that squirted all over either Dori’s or Dalen’s beer glass.

But I’ve been telling the kids for a few weeks that we should go get a Jucy Lucy (we usually head down to the street to the Chatterbox), so I waited for Dori’s visit to do it. I was astonished that when I mentioned Matt’s, Helena asked if that was the place that has the Jucy Lucys.


Putting Up the Christmas Tree

While I was in the kitchen, Dori was putting the Christmas tree up with the kids.  By the time she was done, we had little branches on the bottom and large ones on the top, and we had two lines of lights that didn’t work, so the tree was lit at the bottom and the top, but not the middle. It reminded me of when she ran over the Christmas lights with the vacuum cleaner back in Gloversville.

The kids all had their New York City subway shirts on that their grandfather sent them. He’ll remember getting them because it was the first time that he was told that girls shirts and boys shirts are different from each other.


What is it?

“That’s bread.”

I had been asking Helena where her lunch box was for at least a month. She had been using Liam’s or the one that I got from some lost and found since he hasn’t had home lunch since the first day of school.

She finally found it at Dalen’s somewhere, but apparently it wasn’t cleaned out.

Community Mosaic Unveiling

Since the mosaic is directly across the street Liam and I watched part of the installation, but it was quickly covered up for the opening this morning. We had a slideshow over at the park and the organizer recognized us for our help when there was an image of the kids working on it. Unfortunately, Helena’s arm was the only thing in the shot and she wasn’t very happy about that, but Liam and Ada were quite pleased to see themselves. (Liam has been the most excited about the whole project. He was most interested in working on it and watching the volunteers install it.)

After the meeting the kids were asked to carry the banner to lead the one-block (!) parade down to the market where the unveiling was, which they were happy about. Once the tarp was removed from the building, Helena was cold and just wanted to go. It had just begun to snow for the first time this season, so it was a nice treat for our winter-themed mosaic, although it was awfully windy.

About an hour after the first pictures were taken, I went back over since the rest of the people were gone by then and took some other photos, where you can see the first of the three inches of snow that we ended up getting today.

Foosball at Bryant Square Park

While waiting for a community meeting to start (for the Bryant Avenue Market mosaic), the kids and I played Foosball. And with some Legos afterward. I admired Liam’s patience with a two year old who kept breaking what Liam was building.


Ada’s Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Concert

All three kids have done the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom song for the parents. Surprisingly, I think that Ada was the loudest of them all. She had a little cold and may have been a bit tired after a late night at the Children’s Theatre the night before, but she did a nice job with her one line solo, “Here comes G all out of breath”.

I’ve noticed that all three of the kids are much more quiet in performance than the others in the class.