Bryant Lake Bowling

We got off to a great start at Neighborhood Night. There was only a short wait and so we went over to Rusty Quarters to play a couple of games, then came back to order some appetizers. By the time the appetizers came, the lane was ready, but there was enough time for Liam to spill a glass of water all over his pants.

Much to their delight.

Ada really didn’t want to bowl at first because she wanted to eat up all the appetizers before anyone else could get some. While we were getting the balls and our shoes on, Ada sat happily eating. Once she began, she was off to a roaring start, but that didn’t last too long.

Ada was feeling really silly. She kept bouncing around and I had to tell her more than once to get her hair out of the food that was on the table behind her. Eventually, she just fell off the chair, cried, and then calmed herself down. Here she is with the food behind her looking sad after she had gotten herself back up.

Easter Morning


Ada begins. She ate more then the rest of us combined. She also ignored pleas to stop.

Liam doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth.

Since Ada lost the dye pack, the kids coloured eggs with markers and crayons. Here is some marker coming off onto Liam’s hand, much to his amusement.

Colouring Easter Eggs

It was difficult getting Liam to be serious, so the only picture I could get of him was him waiting for the last egg to be done. He wanted it really, really green. So when he was still at the table when the girls were done, I told him that he could leave it in overnight. He was pretty excited about that.

The next morning he dashed downstairs before the rest of us were even up to see it.


Bryant Square Park

The kids all got new shoes. I’ve never seen Liam excited about shoes before, but he’s always gotten Target stuff. While in a Nike store, he was quite excited. I think that he picked out five pairs of shoes.

He was so excited that he had to go straight to the park to play basketball in them. Ada played on the monkey bars and Helena played all over, including some basketball.

Ada’s new shoes were laced shoes, so we sat down and learned how to tie them. She isn’t quite strong enough to keep them tight, but she really learned how to tie them in about ten minutes. There was no complaining or getting frustrated at all. Once she did it, we undid them an tied them over and over again.

Water Park

The kids and I went up to Brainerd once again since Liam has finally swam the length of the 25 metre pool. I’ve promised the water park to the kids if he could do it.

Our room, the Walleye Pike.

We went swimming the first night, three times the second day, and third morning. The first time that I had the camera out was actually in the game room that they all wanted to go to.



With the tickets, along with some other things, Liam got two more parachutists that we threw around the lobby.

We also went to the town of Nisswa after failing in our quest for a miniature golf course.

Some breakfast pictures. Ada would only eat the Fruit Cheerios. Helena wanted the muffins. Liam at a “normal” breakfast of sausage, eggs, and potatoes, but had to wait a bit for it to be ready.

And finally some pictures of the water park. Ada loved the slides, Liam met a friend (Ari, although Liam never really asked him and we laughed at him for not knowing). Helena like the big slide, the hot tub, and the lazy river. But she likes the water park near the Mall of America better.

End of the trip: