Minnesota Zoo

At the entrance to the Minnesota Zoo. Ada isn’t a lover of bright sunlight. When I asked her to move her hands away from her eyes for a picture, Helena was nice enough to lend her hat to Ada….

but that didn’t seem to help.

The kids were really into the petting zoo for the first time. They didn’t want to leave. The fed the goats and then were petting and brushing their fur.

One began to eat my shoe.

This was taken as one of the goats was going poop.

You can tell that they all thought that it was funny. Especially Ada.

Camel ride. Approximately $900 an hour.

It was quite hot so we got to see the grizzlies swim in front of us.

The ride home.

Slice of New York Clock

After going to the Slice of New York many times before plays at the Children’s Theatre, we noticed once that their apple clock was gone. We asked about it and we were told that someone was coming out of the bathroom and when the door slammed shut the clock fell and broke. Their replacement was an ordinary, boring clock.

So when the kids and I were walking around Target, we saw an “I ♥ New York” clock, we bought it and then brought it to the pizzeria as a gift.

The walls have been repainted as well, so if our clock actually makes it on the wall, this place will look great!

Lots of Pictures from Valleyfair

Ada and I on the Ferris Wheel

Liam and Helena on the ….whatever it is called. The Octopus?

Ada was quite talkative.

But she can be a bit reflective as well. For about ten seconds.

The others waiting.


After we all got drenched. Helena and I went back for more while Ada and Liam stood on the side.

Ada’s favorite ride was the balloon ride.

Both Helena and Liam were very good about going on rides with Ada.

Ada liked these planes, too. She liked having the ability to control the height.  Later on, Helena and I had a laugh because we were both too big for them. Helena had to be told to stand aside while Ada went on with Liam.


Ada about to be eaten by an evil, Jamaican banana.

No, I’m not kidding. Liam and Helena went on this rollercoaster. Just once, though. They won’t go on it again.

Eating our smuggled lunch.

Helena’s first driving experience.

Waiting in line. The lines were very, very fast. Much pleased.

While Liam and I went on a rolle rcoaster that he was excited about,  the girls went on the kidding swing thing.

The last ride that went on. Ada loved it and kept asking to go back on it. She kept telling me that Helena and Liam went on the roller coaster three times so we had to ride this one a few.

This was Ada 15 minutes after asking if she could go on a ride “one more time”.

This is me burnt at the restaurant afterward. Funny that Ada put her hands up in the air when I pretended that I was robbing her. I have no idea where she learned that.

Fairness at the Towne Household

I saw a box of Jelly Bellys on sale with no shipping costs online, so I decided to get Ada a box for $4.00. (which comes out to be about $12.00 a pound ON CLEARANCE! for jelly beans – regularly $36 per pound if memory serves me)

The doorbell rang and Helena yelled that it was the Fed Ex guy, so I answered and said, “Ada, it’s for you!” since I had it delivered to her.

She was a bit confused and curious, but when she saw the jelly beans she knew that it was me that sent them to her.

Anyway, Liam says, “I want some!”

Helena tells him in no uncertain terms, “No. They’re Ada’s”.

Thankfully I didn’t hear any “What do I get?” from the other two. And Ada did a nice job sharing.

Ducati Shop

We’ve been trying to get into the shop forever. We’ve been all laughing about it because it is remarkable the number of times that we’ve stopped and it was closed. Even when we went during open hours once (we were sure to remember their hours that time) it was closed for a week for their vacation.

Helena and Ada really liked playing with the helmets. Liam probably would have enjoyed himself more, but after cleaning up the basement we found his old Super Mario Galaxy (Wa-hoo!) book and he was all into that.

The people there were especially nice and let the kids sit on them as well.

After this trip, the kids have “started seeing motorcycles”.

Oh, and there was the dead bird on the way home.

Chutes and Ladders

This was that one time that I went to the ‘burbs to go to a park. Luckily the kids weren’t too enthused about it.

Ada on the way.

We stopped for gas on the way and the kids each got a drink.

This is where I sat baking with the other parents.

Yes, I did tell Liam that it would be a bad idea not to wear a long-sleeved shirt.



This is the face of disappointment on Liam’s face.

But it all works out in the end.

This is not the look of disappointment.

Dancing. As much as I tell Ada to stop wiping her hands on her shirt, I hope that is what she was doing here.

Elaina hit the jackpot….twice. Too many tickets to hold.

Friend alert!

Back at Elaina’s playing hopscotch.


I surprised the kids with an end of the school year trip to the Waterpark of America. I also surprised Helena by asking her friend Elaina along. Her mother dropped her off at Khan’s where we were eating before going to swim. Helena was quite surprised. Both Elaina and her mother were surprised that Helena had no idea that she was coming. Unfortunately, Liam’s friend couldn’t come because his parents were out of town.

Ada liked the wave pool. Right now it is calm.

Ada loves when Liam will go down the slide with her. You can’t tell, but they’re having a blast.

You can almost see the delight on Ada’s face here.

Back in the room.

Helena and Elaina.

Eventually, Elaina’s goggles were lost in the lazy river.

While on a trip in the lazy river, Elaina began splashing Liam and me.

Liam was getting the worst of it, though.

But then she got stuck underneath a waterfall. Ha ha!

The two girls running away.

Ada by her kiddie slide.

Looking for those goggles.

Birthday Party at Linden Hills Park

Liam was at Quinn’s birthday party which was a soccer game, cake, kickball game, and soccer game, which was pretty much a dream day for Liam.

I was just to drop off Liam there, go to the hardware store, then come home. But the girls wanted to stay and play, which they did the whole two and a half hours. Thankfully I had a book with me.

Helena calling me from a tree.

Liam on the pitcher’s mound.

Liam with the ball. He scored once, but he scored the fourth goal in a 4-3 game. I know because he told me many times.

Girls being cute.

Plotting strategy.

The girls got bored really quickly watching the game.

Back to soccer.