We were out for about two hours on Halloween night.

The best part of the night for me was Helena telling every one that she was “Satan’s daughter”. Although she wasn’t really sure what that meant, and had to ask me before we went out, “How do you say it again? Satin?”

Liam was the one that wanted to go home first. Then Helena got cold, so she wanted to go. But as we were rounding the corner at 32nd and Aldrich to turn for home, Ada asked if we could go to some more houses.



Carving Pumpkins

Helena was really good about helping Ada out.

Liam was afraid to get any pulp on his fingers.

Ada was really excited about the pumpkin seeds. I roasted them the next day.

I swore that I took a photo of Ada holding her finished one, but I can’t find it. I’m not sure if I ever got the others’, though.










Liam and Kicking a Football

Liam got a place kicking tee for his birthday and he’s been kicking his footballs ever since. So far he has broken part of the gate and put many dents into the siding of the house and garage, but luckily there has been no broken glass yet.

While I was making dinner on the grill, I told him to go over to the park to do it (for my own safety)





It wasn’t too long ago when Ada couldn’t do a cartwheel. I just told her to practice in the dining room. She could see Helena do it, but it wasn’t happening for her.

A few days later she had it. And then by the next week she looked like a big wheel going down the sidewalk since she was refusing to walk. Just one cartwheel after another.

By now, she’s doing cartwheels with just one hand.

Today, though, she’s playing on the trampoline.

Helena has been working on her hand stands. We’ve been doing them in the pool for a year now, but she’s now trying to do them inside and out.

Liam has been doing some flips on a larger trampoline now. He wouldn’t do one at the Renaissance Festival when it would have been easy, but the family across the street from his friend Ruben’s has one, and he practices on that.