Liam Reading

Liam has to read 20 minutes a night for homework. His reading has to be logged. Last night he skipped out on reading, so tonight he had to do double.

I told him that he had to read a book tonight (“non fiction is fine”) but not his NFL statistics book that he’s been reading over and over.

When I was cleaning up the kitchen, I asked Liam, who was in the living room, if he had fallen asleep yet. He said, “Nope”.

A few minutes later I took a photo of him on the couch – sleeping. The flash woke him up, though.



Christmas Tree

We’ve always put the Christmas, but this year Thanksgiving was as early as it gets, so I suggested waiting a few days, but the kids would have none of it.

But they did help me put the entire tree up this year for the first time, so it didn’t take nearly as long.

As far as the ornaments, they were really excited to see their toys again (they wanted me to take pictures of them with some of their favorites), but they were pooped with the tree half done. But then Ada took over and did almost all the rest on her own, even bringing the piano stool over to stand on.