Easter Morning

The kids got up shortly after 6:00. Which made it way to early to even hunt for eggs in the back yard since it was so dark. It didn’t keep them from peeking out the window to get a early look, though. The Easter Bunny must have sensed that this would happen, so none were visible from the window. The temperature was only 24 degrees, so they were happy to come back inside.







I’m pretty sure that the Easter Bunny didn’t make it this difficult, Punky.



Liam’s Futsal Tournament

Liam’s team played three times. Unfortunately they had to play the eventual winners two out of the three games so the might not have enjoyed it as much as they would have otherwise. But there was some excitement when they came back and tied up their second game by scoring two goals in the last two minutes.




Neighborhood Snowmen

I can’t remember where we were going, but Ada was getting out of the car and she had her hat stuck around the seat belt. I appreciate that she found it humourous.

I took them to see some snowmen that are on the corner of 31st Street and Stevens. As we were looking at them, the person who made them all came out and talked to us. He even had Liam put one of the billiard balls back in an eye socket for him, for which Liam was rewarded with a cut finger.

A few days later we were driving down 31st on the way back from Liam’s last night of futsal practice and we saw the guy on the roof of his apartment building with even more snowmen that I had never noticed before. The kids got a kick out of that.