First Bike Excursion

Helena’s bike has a perpetual flat tire. Last summer we had a new tube put in four times.

Today, we’re walking it to Calhoun Cycle where we hope that they’ll figure out where the leak is.*

Liam and Ada were told that they could ride around Lake Calhoun after we (Helena and I) walked down there on foot and Liam and Ada rode their bikes. Liam was about to say no but Ada was already off yelling “Okay!” so he took off after her. It took them longer than I had hoped to get around, but they made it back safely, and, surprisingly, not too tired.

*They didn’t

Punky and her flat tire.



Our (still) frozen lake


Punky looking at the spring trash that has washed up. This year the Earth Day clean ups had to be pushed back because of the snow.