I finally got the kids to the Rollerdome. I’m not sure why I hadn’t before, but there was a coupon that I got, it included rentals, and I knew that the Metrodome was going to be torn down soon.

Helena and Liam did a great job on the roller blades. Liam can go quite fast, actually. Ada not so much. It isn’t as though she was falling a great deal, but she really was only walking on them. No matter how many times I tried to help her, she would just do the same thing over and over again. About a half hour into our skating a worker came by to tell us that he was going to have a lesson in a few minutes so we went.

He told Ada the exact thing that I had, but hearing someone else say it got her to push her legs out a bit and she began going pretty well. And she then began enjoying it a lot more, too.

We were there about an hour and a half; the kids were having a great time but their legs were tired, so we left. But they asked if they could do it again, which we did the last week it was open.

Liam’s Turn to Shop

While driving to look at comforters we had passed Dick’s Sporting Goods and Liam mentioned that he would like to go. So after the (unsuccessful) trip to Kohl’s, we did stop by. The kids spent over an hour there walking around. First the hockey, soccer, basketball, and football equipment areas, but then they wanted to see the gun section since they were aghast that there would actually be one; then over to the exercise equipment.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get on the treadmills, but the girls liked the kettle bells.



One Direction

We went to the department store to find some comforters for the girls (they didn’t know that I had bought them bunk beds yet) and Helena finally spotted the One Direction perfume that she’s been eyeing for quite some time. Well, the first time that a sample was available.

This was at the time when she had to wear her One Direction beanie wherever she went.