Liam’s First Penalty Shootout

Liam’s team was down 2-1 in the penalty shootout (is that what they’re called? and why don’t they just take penalty shots?) and he was the tenth (and possibly) the last up.

Earlier in the game, Liam’s team was down 1-0 and Liam ran with the ball from inside his own half all the way down to the other touchline before crossing it to another player wide open in front of the net to get the score to 1-1. So without that, it may have never come to this.

Liam’s second touch was a bit too hard, and the shot was saved, and Liam felt really bad about it, but it was a good effort. After all, only 3 of 11 (one kid did it twice – I assume because the keeper handled the ball outside the box – but we aren’t sure) actually made the shot.

Christmas Morning

I think this was the first year that I was the first one up. I actually got to bed pretty early and passed right out, so by 7:00 I was up. The kids got up much, much later.

Ada was all about the gumball machine and Barbies; Liam was football; Helena was One Direction, but she also got a laptop which she was quite excited about (and surprised by).

My laptop (well, the school’s) died the very next day, so it was timely.