Liam’s Choir Concert

I picked Ada up at her school, which she enjoyed quite a bit. When I dropped her off in the morning I still wasn’t sure if I could go to Liam’s concert so I didn’t say anything to her, but she did remember that “last year you picked me up”.

She told me that when the phone rang in the classroom, she told her friends “I bet that’s my dad!”, so I’m happy that I could get her.

This year, I think that I actually saw Liam’s lips move once or twice. And he seemed to enjoy himself since all five songs that they did were recent popular songs that even Ada sang to.









Sea Life

We went with Jeanette to the behind the scenes show for teachers at Sea Life.

We all liked being able to go above the tanks and look down into the giant aquarium. Although Helena liked looking at the turtles hanging out at the very top. We took some pictures despite all the signs that said not to.

Helena also had some nice sushi beforehand.