Earth Day Cleanup

By the time we were done cleaning up some trash in the neighborhood, it was past noon and they had closed up shop. But the organizers were still around and they thanked us for getting so much trash – apparently we did a great job. But that wasn’t too difficult since we cleaned up near the Super America gas station.

Chicago Trip

First Day

We spent most of our time walking around. We tried getting up the Willis Tower twice, but there were two and a half hour waits both times. So we picked up some Dunkin’ Donuts munchkins and went to the Macy’s Flower Show (kids weren’t that impressed). We then ate stuffed pizza for dinner at Giordano’s. While at the restaurant, Ada had a bad case of the giggles when “Jungle Boogie” came on the stereo – she dances to it in gym class.

We then walked back to Grant Park and went and saw The Bean and some more of Grant Park on our way back to the hotel where we played cards for awhile.

Second Day

We did make it down to the Willis Tower and took the elevators up to the 103rd floor. The kids did all get out onto the SkyDeck, but dad had to get out there first. Liam needed some extra encouragement.

From there we went to the planetarium which I think we all liked, especially when dad pretended that he was electrocuted by the cosmic ray exhibit and the girls got all freaked out. I tried taking photos of them – but they came out blurry.

After that we ate at a bar, then got on the brown line up to see the Blue Man Group which the kids loved even though all three kids were freaked out by them so that by the end of the show I was sitting closest to the aisle after starting off farthest from it.

Third Day

We woke up to a very, very windy day, so I wasn’t looking forward to walking across the park to the aquarium. As soon as we walked outside we noticed that it wasn’t a nice clear sixty degree weather day like it had been. But we trekked down to get a doughnut for breakfast (Ada was excited about it) and the grocery store for some fruit and drinks.

We then spent hours over at the aquarium. The beluga whales were a hit and the kids liked the 4D movie that they kept saying that they weren’t going to like, particularly Ada. Liam kept asking if the chairs were going to punch us in the back.