Another Day at Valleyfair

Although we began the day at the Minneapolis Farmers Market

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Liam was acting goofy here to be funny.2014-08-30-19h29m08 2014-08-30-19h43m52

Helena got sprayed by the cannon by the family that was adjacent to me upon my request. She wasn’t sure what hit her.2014-08-30-19h43m54 2014-08-30-19h50m29 2014-08-30-19h56m28

My camera doesn’t do so well in poor light AND with motion so I told the kids here to pretend that they were moving although they had just stepped into the ride.2014-08-30-20h32m58 2014-08-30-20h33m32

Afterward we went on the nighttime dinosaur walk.
2014-08-30-21h26m45 2014-08-30-21h27m06 2014-08-30-21h30m36

First Day of School

  1. Ada didn’t cry this year.
  2. Liam refused to wear the new pair of sneakers that his mother had bought him. You can see that he was wearing them in the morning (the photo by the tree), but then changing them for his other one’s when he got to school.
  3. Helena texted me at school to tell me that she needed a protractor for class, so when we went out to eat afterward I gave one to her.

Ada’s Birthday

Ada started out her birthday morning by cleaning up her big mess in the house, but once done with that I asked her to come out to the garage to get her bike where she found her birthday present – a balance beam. Liam seemed to enjoy it as well, but wouldn’t do much on it other than hop from the trampoline onto it.

After that we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for awhile. In the summer, they have lots of activities outside, but today they had much more than usual. Painting, drawing, board games, lawn games, bubbles, dancing, and more and more.

We did go inside to see what was going on and to do the scavenger hunt. We were confused by the scavenger hunt because it was a bit different than usual, but once we actually read the directions on the front, we got it done pretty quickly.

Ada then took us all to Chipotle for dinner. The rule is that the kid picks a place to go and all she wanted was a cheese quesadilla. But she did get a large one.

Then it was time for cake and to open presents.

New York Trip Day 8

The next morning we drove back to Gloversville to visit some others. We did get to see Mary and Ryan and then Susan.

Before that, we went and walked around Johnson Hall and saw the Johnstown Battlefield nearby. We also went to the house where I grew up where we walked around the back yard some. I even think I may have found one of my mother’s pots from so many years ago.

2014-08-03-11h29m43 2014-08-03-11h14m14 2014-08-03-11h27m55 2014-08-03-12h23m14 2014-08-03-15h09m46After that, it was time to get back to Minneapolis.

That night we stayed in Erie, PA and by ten the next night we were back home in our own beds. But along the way, we had one success – Ada finally got something in her chopsticks. I guess by the time I had taken a photo, she had already eaten it.


New York Trip Day 7

We spent the day at the racetrack in Saratoga. Between Liam, Helena, and I, we didn’t even lose $30, so we’ll consider that a success.

2014-08-02-12h01m10 2014-08-02-13h40m39

The spring water was quite a hit!


Dad showing the kids how it is done.

2014-08-02-13h52m38Trackside – Ada is there, too!

2014-08-02-15h27m50 2014-08-02-15h36m45Liam watching the television screens to watch another of his losing horses. Judging by this photo, there was at least one point in time when he thought that he had a chance.

In the last race, there was a horse by the name of Plainview, which is where my car broke down a few days earlier. It was another loser.




We watched a couple of races upstairs, too.

Saratoga is a nice place to get real close to the horses. From the literature there, it is the only track where the horses have to walk through the crowds to get from the paddocks to the track.


Later we drove to Lake George where we saw the (closed) Fort William Henry, Lake George (the lake) and played miniature golf – 36 holes worth.

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New York Trip Day 6

In the morning we had to say goodbye to Libby, Sofia, and Jake. Sofia took it a little harder than the other two, unfortunately. But here they are playing.2014-08-01-09h53m53

We left a little later for upstate where we ate Garlic White pizza at House of Pizza and drove around a bit looking at my old houses and schools.  We did get to visit Linda and Carl, then Mike and Ambyr, and finally Dan and Margaret before heading back to our hotel. Which smelled like smoke I heard over and over again.

2014-08-01-14h44m57 2014-08-01-17h42m36 2014-08-01-17h43m00