Biking to Kenwood Gymnastics

We took the Greenway out to St. Louis Park to sign Ada up for gymnastics. Upon leaving, we realized that it was probably not a good idea because, although it looked like the thunderstorms had stopped, once we got going, we weren’t so sure.

Luckily we only got drizzled on a bit, and Ada did get signed up.


Towne’s Last Day at Lake Harriet Lower

Helena began school at Lake Harriet Lower in 2007 and today was Ada’s last day there.

The school looks a little bit different now because of the addition that both Helena and Liam missed, but the three of us walked around the school visiting old classrooms of theirs, old and new cafeterias, the gym, the library, the playground, the old and new offices, the “backstage”. I cried loudly in every room to try to embarrass the kids as much as possible, particularly when other adults were around.


Next year will be the only year that all three will go to the same school. My car and my morning commute will be quite happy about that.2015-06-05-07h45m10