Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

We spent hours walking around the arboretum and the kids still didn’t want to leave. Unfortunately Ada’s gymnastics practice was at four, so we had to.

DSC_5862 DSC_5871 DSC_5870 DSC_5872 DSC_5875 DSC_5884 DSC_5879 DSC_5907 DSC_5904

This year, instead of glass sculptures, there are Lego sculptures.

The kids liked looking at the signage next to each one that stated how long it took to create and with the number of Legos. Particularly Ada, who would run ahead to yell out the information while the rest of us caught up.




We took a road trip to Manitowoc for a couple of days. We’ve been here before but only to get on a ferry on our way to New York.

Here we are at Lambeau wondering what all the excitement about tailgating is.

IMG_20150721_135926Real football at Lambeau.
IMG_20150721_141636Turns out our hotel must float.
IMG_20150721_171518Kids still find see saws interesting even if only for a few minutes before they’re ready to move on.
IMG_20150721_175057Evening in Manitowoc.
IMG_20150721_205556Jeanette loves the candy store.
IMG_20150721_210551So do the kids. We had some ice cream here.
IMG_20150721_210821Beach day. As you can tell, it wasn’t the most sandy beach in the world. You have to walk out to the sand bar to be able to walk comfortably, but only Jeanette, Ada, and I ever got out there.
IMG_20150722_114604Meanwhile Helena and Liam were playing with my phone.
IMG_20150722_124444Ada’s favourite water was the hotel’s pool. She could have spent the entire vacation there.
IMG_20150722_161311Eating out.
IMG_20150722_175400Fishing Village
IMG_20150722_181529The kids found a long enough stick to test how deep it was.
IMG_20150722_181609Then they noticed a small fish floating that they had to get with the stick.
IMG_20150722_181749Afterward they threw it in the water and it was immediately picked up by a seagull which caused much more laughter.
IMG_20150722_181758Rainbow over the hotel while we were playing Ticket to Ride in the near dark in the hotel’s restaurant because we had ignored the closed signs. Turns out that the workers there really didn’t care at all!