Rosemount Haunted Trail

Nothing haunted about it, and it is just a trail in the middle of the park, but Ada and Liam were dressed up and at least they got some candy.

I learned that spelling isn’t any better in the suburbs than in the city.


Liam with an audience.IMG_20151024_174453

Ada’s happy with her hot chocolate.IMG_20151024_175024 IMG_20151024_180302 IMG_20151024_181638 IMG_20151024_183456 IMG_20151024_183706


New Vocabulary

I was telling my kids that I have two students that stutter. Ada asked what stuttering was, so I did my best to describe it. I said, “It is when a person tries to say something but the same sound comes out over and over, like st-st-st-st-st-stutter”

Ada says, “So they are trying to rap?”