New York Trip Day 8

We stayed at a Best Western hotel because we thought that it had a nice pool. Not only was it closed when we arrived, and there were no towels there when it opened in the morning, it was so cold that even Ada didn’t want to swim.


Our stop on the way home was at Pirate’s Cove miniature golf.

IMG_20160708_192922 IMG_20160708_195816 IMG_20160708_204833 IMG_20160708_194607IMG_20160708_195033

New York Trip Day 7

IMG_20160707_082453IMG_20160707_101205 IMG_20160707_105134The handshake the was worked on for days

After that we said goodbye and began our long trip home. We made our first Dunkin Donuts stop to get a large order of Munchkins. I thought that we could save some for home, but Ada and Liam took care of the whole thing by late afternoon.
We did stop at the Ponderosa for dinner in western Pennsylvania where Ada didn’t quite seem to mind standing on the wrong side of the buffet.

IMG_20160707_185540 IMG_20160707_183541

New York Trip Day 6

Last full day in New York. We went to Queens so that we could see Dori one last time before we left since she had to work. We did watch the Portugal beat Wales at a beer garden that was pretty empty before walking to the river before collecting Dori.

On the way back home we went to the beach one last time.



IMG_20160706_173110PANO_20160706_170935IMG_20160706_184319 IMG_20160706_204212 PANO_20160706_203925IMG_20160706_204100

New York Trip Day 4

Pie Face game – seems to be right up Sofia’s alley. Jake not so much. Dori was a sport, though.



For the day we went to a park where the girls played in the sprinklers. When they closed it down for the day, the park staff took the girls’ shoes that were still in there and locked them up. We couldn’t get them until the next day.

Peter, Liam, and I played soccer with an Italian family that was there which may have been Liam’s highlight of the trip.


IMG_20160704_155601 IMG_20160704_153204 IMG_20160704_151156 IMG_20160704_150248 IMG_20160704_145503 IMG_20160704_151549
IMG_6_BURST20160704163534 IMG_20160704_150212

New York Trip Day 3

Beach day in the morning and afternoon. The waves weren’t as big as they were last year so Helena was a little disappointed.

Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_294222268241743 IMG_20160703_162834 IMG_20160703_144558 IMG_20160703_131244 IMG_20160703_143847 IMG_20160703_162410 Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_294265660295900

At night we realised that we could have just stayed in the neighborhood and watched fireworks. 

IMG_20160703_213544 IMG_20160703_213610

Nighttime. Helena on her “device” way past bedtime.

image-20160703_230200 IMG_20160703_230813

New York Trip Day 2

The second day was mostly spent in Libby and Peter’s backyard. Sofia and Ada made a restaurant. Jake played with Liam and liked the bouncer.

At nighttime, we went to see fireworks.


IMG_20160702_202322Libby has the exact same van as we do.
IMG_20160702_202032 IMG_20160702_213117_1-ANIMATION

The television needed lots of help each night.image-20160702_231925

New York Trip Day 1

After a long day which ended with Ada’s final track meet at City Championships and Liam’s soccer game, we left Minneapolis at about 9:30 and headed for New York. Just two half-hour nap stops for me, but we made it all the way through.

The second photo was taken in New Jersey just before arriving in New York. That storm became an absolute nightmare to drive through while on Long Island.

IMG_20160701_162554 PANO_20160701_192855