Things I Don’t Want to Forget

Ada calling Helena “Yai yai” and Liam “Miam”.

Liam saying that he liked a man’s tie-dyed t-shirt on the bus. The man was homeless and dirty as can be, but Liam just liked his shirt.

Going into Rainbow and Ada wanting to go get malted milk balls. Everytime I ask if she wants to go to the store, (at least for months) she says yes, just to get those two malted milk balls.

Putting a flotation device around Ada at the outdoor pool in Savage and have her spin around in circles over and over because she couldn’t swim or touch her feet. Helena and Liam uncontrollably laughing made it even more funny.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts Loses Power

While driving to and then walking up to the Institute of Arts, we noticed that the street lights were out. When walking up to the building, we were told that the power was out.

So we decided to get lunch; luckily the pizzeria’s oven still worked. So we sat in the darkened place and ate the best pizza in Minneapolis. Then we went to the Quaking Bog and Butterfly Garden at Theodore Wirth.

Helena Gets Her Driver’s Permit

After the dentist, getting the permit, and lunch, Helena said that this was the most productive day she’s had since school.

One thing that she has learned is how adults must wait in lines.

She got one question wrong. Hopefully she won’t go over a cliff.

Later, when Helena drove for the first time, I was prepared.