Balkans Day 1

Jeanette and I had a six hour layover at Charlie de Gaulle Airport so we took a cab (which was wasn’t easy to do because of the construction at the airport) into a town near the airport for a few hours where we walked around and relearned the hard way about credits card debacles when traveling. But that just gave Jeanette a good excuse to go back to the bakery again to see if her credit card card actually workers or if the bar’s system was the problem. (It was the bar’s)

We then flew to Dubrovnik and got in late evening. Our AirBnb had plumbing issues (or so she said) so we were given different accommodations. Rather than dwell on how much to complain, we walked through town and had a nice dinner. Our waiter, who was also the owner, felt bad for making us wait for the drinks so we gave them to us on the house and then later offered us a three hour kayak rental for tomorrow.

My phone was newly dead by then, so I have few photos.

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