Balkans Day 5

Lots of traveling today. We woke up late in Mostar due to the late concerts then drove to Sarajevo. On the way we purchased advanced tickets for Tito’s bunker, but Google doesn’t know where it is (!) so we got it there late. And then nobody was around to let us in. We waited a bit at a river nearby, but nobody showed, so we then just continued on.

We arrived in Sarajevo in the afternoon and walked around the downtown area where we are staying. Jeanette’s planned route looked short to her… it was five restaurants that she was considering, but it was up and down hills. They first Restaurant-Pizzeria she’d choose was on its own first day of being closed for their vacation. But a long, four dish dinner was had at her restaurant number four, and then we walked a bit more before returning early to our place. I took a night shot from the apartment balcony to remember that people stay up and out late, but it didn’t turn out. Perhaps tomorrow!

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