Balkans Day 6

Walking around Sarajevo.

Here’s where Franz Ferdinand died. Too bad his driver didn’t have Google Maps because turning the wrong way can lead to problems.

Here’s more of Old Town and the city center where churches, mosques, and synagogues are neighbors.

Jeanette hit her back head on a doorway again. She’s pretty tall.

Then we took a ride out into the mountains to walk in cool weather. But Jeanette liked the chalet’s menu, so we didn’t do much walking. It was in the spot where downhill skiing was in the 1984 Olympics. The area has lots of new construction going on.

Bill wanted to go see the ski jump and climbed up. It’s scary up there.

Back in Sarajevo at night. The streets look like the State Fair in Minnesota and it is an ordinary, summer, Tuesday night around nine o’clock.

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