Tonight the plan was to eat dinner, then go on a bike ride. Helena wanted ice cream when she finished, so Ada did too. But Ada wouldn’t ever eat her dinner if she didn’t get dessert.

Tonight she wasn’t eating anything. The kids were eating on the porch since the weather was nice, and when Helena came in for dessert, Ada still hadn’t even begun. Liam told her that she wouldn’t go on the bike ride if she didn’t eat. That didn’t work either. Once Ada was told that I was going on the bike ride “in two minutes”, she said that she’d eat but she still wanted dessert. After a few seconds, she runs into the living room with her mouth full. She’s struggling to swallow enough of what is her mouth so that she can speak. This finally happens, and with a full mouth she says, “I want dessert!”.

The ice cream was done in about 30 seconds after taking 25 minutes on a bowl of stir-fry.

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