Downtown Trip

Since it was a weekday when we went downtown I got the kids off the bus on 8th Street and stopped them from running in the direction of Candyland.  I told them that because it will be much more crowded, they’ll have to stay much closer to me than usual. Afterward I thought how funny this was, me giving directions to three little kids like it was a field trip with students. But they did stay much closer, and we had more fun than usual because of the hustle and bustle of the street and skyway.

Since the Wells Fargo building was open (it is closed on weekends) we went in there and I took the kids to look around the Wells Fargo Museum. The kids loved it; there is a working telegraph machine, working old-style telephones, pre-Civil War money, and check stamping machines. The woman at the entrance to the museum was chatting with the kids for a few minutes and Helena went back to her to show how she had stamped a “check” with her birth date and then they talked some more.

The fountain at Gaviidae Common was on because it was a weekday and the kids stayed there for awhile eating their candy (after running circles around the fountain at the IDS Tower).

We then ate a quick lunch and then walked around the skyways in places we hadn’t before (they got to see a different candy store which they liked), and then walked down Nicollet Avenue for awhile before taking the bus back home.

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